Published on May 1, 2012, 4:27 pm

Airports register low rate of delay in the return of long weekend

Until the early afternoon (1), 11.1% of the 1,582 scheduled domestic flights reported delays exceeding 30 minutes in the back of the Labor Day holiday. In addition to the 176 delayed flights, 125 have been canceled, representing 7.9% of the total.

According to the Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero), the highest rate of flight delays occurred in the airline TAM (16.9%). The airport that recorded the highest percentage of delayed departures was that of Pelotas (RS) – only two departures were scheduled for today and both came out of time.

The airports of Congonhas (SP) and Santos Dumont (RJ), two of the busiest in thecountry, register delays in 6.4% and 16.2% of flights, respectively.

Of the 106 international flights planned for this Tuesday, only ten left late, which represents 9.4% of the total. Five departures were canceled, two in Guarulhos (SP) and three in Galleon (RJ).

By Amanda Cieglinski
Reporter of Agência Brasil