Published on February 27, 2013, 11:29 am

Alternative increased frequency of flies on Congonhas is discarded

For now, the government ruled out increasing the frequency of flights at Congonhas Airport, located in the city of São Paulo. The most viable alternative remains the priority redistribution of slots to new entrants and companies with low turnout at the airport as these frequencies are reproduced by a lack of quality in services.

The choice of the government goes against the four largest companies, who agreed to review the distribution of slots as long as the frequencies were increased at the airport.

The Department of Civil Aviation (SAC) and the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), intended to publicize the new rules until May for distribution of slots (takeoff and landing times).

The rule is based on a goal of 80 percent regularity, or flights that are not canceled and 90 percent of punctuality.

A company that fails to comply, should lose to other slots that offer a good service. However, in the case of Congonhas, it is studied how these slots will be redistributed among firms that are not yet part of the group that operates in the airport.

The distribution should not be at the grant so that the sector is no longer burdened. Must follow technical criteria, such as the availability of aircraft companies to start operating that frequency.