Published on May 14, 2013, 11:33 am

Congonhas inaugurates new control tower

The new control tower at the Congonhas Airport, in the south of São Paulo, finally came into operation, after six years of your advertisement.

It has twice the height of the current structure, 40 meters, and will end blind spots offering better visibility for the driver of the lanes and courtyards where are the aircraft. The new tower is located in a more central region, allowing a broad view of the territory.

The change that has happened for a while, has not yet been officially announced by the Department of Airspace Control, as the old tower is still in operation, as a sort of back up.

The old tower, which was still considered adequate, but became obsolete by the increase in the movement of the airport, will continue providing support services for at least another month, until all system settings and equipment are carried out successfully.