Published on April 24, 2013, 11:01 am

Increase in rents of shops airports reaches 127%

To increase income, after granting the airports of Brasilia, Campinas and Guarulhos to private enterprise, Infraero decided to adjust the prices of bids of commercial spaces, publicity, hangars and parking.

For new bids made after the expiration of contracts, the Brazilian Infrastructure Airway receive an average increase of 80%, so that other companies can use these commercial spots. Some companies agreed to pay more than triple the previous contract.

In the case of the Congonhas airport in São Paulo, the company Citibank will pay 127% more for advertising space. The space before leased for R$ 171,800, now come to be worth R$ 390,000. Already the company Cacau Show made a proposal of R$ 60 300 to continue in the same place, to twice the previous value.

These values were achieved thanks to the new bidding method used by the state. Previously, companies gave their bids for envelopes, winning the highest bidder. Currently, the top three bids are summoned to face trading, which increases the proposal beyond the initial value.