Published on May 14, 2013, 11:47 am

Haddad intends to prohibit planes in the Campo de Marte

The mayor Haddad wants to take the planes Campo de Marte, making it only an heliport, so that the construction of the buildings of the Arco do Futuro, urban project announced in his campaign, may be viable.

The formal request of the Municipality of São Paulo arrived last week to the Department of Airspace Control (Decea) of Aeronautics.

According to the mayor, the development of the northern zone of São Paulo is compromised by the ban on the construction of tall buildings in the vicinity of the Campo de Marte since it could interfere with the safety of takeoffs and landings at the airport.

Also according to Haddad, there is already negotiating with the Presidency of the Republic to remove the so-called “fixed-wing airport.”

While commercial aviation in São Paulo covers 140 destinations, the Campo de Marte connects the city of more than a thousand cities. Without their general aviation, the city could lose their business capacity, according to the president of the Brazilian Association of Helicopter Pilots, Rodrigo Duarte.

The Campo de Marte received 143,000 takeoffs and landings operations while Viracopos, a major international airport, received 115,000.

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